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The Key

In my artworks it is the main symbolic component, means of openness (not closure) towards our inner world.

In my world, the art owns the task of “disclosing” new realities, different from the ones which surround us. I find still-life drawing plain – even through a perfect technique -, if the painting does not lead us into the depths of our inwardness… our Soul. That is the only way to find “the Key”, in order to meet and represent different worlds, where colours and shapes are dictated or copied from what we feel, rather from what we can see.


Lo sguardo racconta

Lo sguardo racconta



Leggende dolomitiche

Leggende dolomitiche

Le vedove bianche

Le vedove bianche

The art of alifetimeThe art of alifetime

The art of alifetime

It is told that some people were born with an artistic DNA, a design which destines them to the perpetual pursuit of the perfect sign

A conception that Laura holds dear; indeed, since she was a student, she decided to address her work in that direction, finding her honest way to express herself and to tell her world and her own outlook on life. Her pursuit of an hallmark and her recognizability are the features that often turn an author to a great artist.

Conoscimi Meglio

  • Painting

    A simple and harmonic sign and a dreamlike representation are Laura’s artworks “brand”: smoothly coloured feminine tales

  • Frescos

    Drawings that, from their semplicity and immediacy, take their expressive strength, which often gets the mind closer to the humble vision of a poetic reality.

  • Graffiti

    Drawings that in simplicity and immediacy find the force of expressiveness that often brings the mind close to the modest vision of a poetic reality.

  • ...subconsciously, beauty attracts us.

    ...subconsciously, beauty attracts us.


  • Carabinieri nella tormenta a Feltre

    Carabinieri nella tormenta a Feltre

    Sabato 19 novembre è stata inaugurata l'opera "Carabinieri nella tormenta a Feltre", un affresco realizzato sulla parete dell'androne presso il comando della compagnia dei Carabinieri di Feltre. Un'opera voluta dal presidente dell'Associazione Culturale

  • Il mio nuovo sito

    Il mio nuovo sito

    Finalmente il nuovo sito: "era da un po' che ci pensavo ma i molti impegni quotidiani non mi permettevano di concentrarmi su questo importante mezzo di comunicazione". Ora il sito è in rete ed è visibile anche su smartphone e tablet, è completo ed esaustivo per comprendere meglio l'arte e la passione, per apprezzare il lavoro e la storia di Laura Ballis.



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