The Key

What role does the key take for the artist and her works of art?

My artworks’ prime symbolic compontent, it allows to open (never close) our inner world and our own self-exploration journey. In my world, the art owns the task of “disclosing” new realities, different from the ones which surround us. I find plain still-life drawing – even through a perfect technique -, if the painting does not lead us into the depths of our inwardness… our Soul. That is the only way to find “the Key”, in order to meet and represent different worlds, where colours and shapes are dictated or copied from what we “feel”, rather from what we can see. Giving my Soul its own image has always been a strong desire to me, I consider a unmatched and special gift to be able to do it through painting. I would like that people who approach my artwork would embrace this feeling, and, through my symbolism, I wish I spread a silent language, full of depth and reflection, in the knowledge that we all need these two qualities to live in our hasty time. In my case, passion and technique walked the same road, supporting each other. Now and then, one overcame the other, but just for a while, since my Soul was seeking the Harmony, which I think it could not exist without the right balance. When one is young, one’s curiosity is driven by the desire to acquire a perfect technique, but, working with wisdom and responsibility, one can benefit from it in order to serve worthier purposes: matching style and content… the Soul and, in a peculiar and personal way, giving birth to passion… the Art.


Give the dream an image

Since ever, a work which is a play to learn life!

Since ever, a work which is a play to learn life! Graduated at the high school of Fine Arts in Venice (Italy), Laura has been living in New York for four years, attending painting and sculpture classes. For some years she has worked as a ceramics teacher at the technical high school “U. Follador” in Agordo (Italy). She got to know the artist Gina Roma, with whom she kept an important dialog: an exchange of views between two women with elective affinities. After she took the first steps to carry out some frescos in collaboration with the artist Vico Calabrò, Laura did a few of them on her own, on the inside and the outside of both private and public buildings, mainly working in the provinces of Belluno, Trento and Treviso (Italy); furthermore, she has been invited to Holland and Poland in order to present the fresco technique. Over the years, she got the chance to put on many personal exhibitions, in Italy and worldwide (USA, France, UK), as well as taking part in collective exhibitions and contests. After attending various Sacred Art workshops, in Italy and in France, Laura paints icon and teaches the ancient technique of the Byzantine Greek school. She has been teaching at the Fine Arts Workshops at A.A. University in Agordo (Italy) for 15 years. She keeps on doing mural paintings (frescos, graffiti and sundials) in collaboration with a colleague and friend, Giovanni Sogne, throughout Italy. Moreover, she arranges mural decoration courses addressed to adults and kids, having the intention of promoting and breathing new life into an antique technique which is a source of pride for Italian Art. In 2012 the International School for Fresco Technique, supported by the Rotary Club with the supervision of Vico Calabrò, assigned to Laura the qualification of “Maestro nell’Arte dell’Affresco”. In the same year, she took part in Palermo Biennial, at the Saint Bartolomew Loggia, with six artworks, and in the 2013 partecipated in the first Creativity Biennial Festival in Verona. One of Laura’s artworks became part of the “Carlo Rizzarda” Gallery of Modern Art collection in Feltre (Italy). In 2014 Laura devoted herself to create medium and large sculptures again - she started to carve in her youth, at Augusto Murer’s atelier - working with different materials. In June 2015 she opened her new “Laboratorio d’Arte” at 12 of Vittorio Emanuele Square, also known as “Maggiore”, where people get the chance to visit the Artist while she is working and to admire her permanent exhibition.

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The atelier in Alleghe

The atelier in Alleghe

Everything began here: Laura was born here, has lived here and still works here; it is the place of her family, where her parents, her brothers and her sister shared with her a long part of their life path. It is her shelter in order to find her creativity and her inspiration to think up her “coloured poetry”. Alleghe and the armony of its lake accompany her activity since ever, instilling the tranquillity she needs to realize her artworks.

Corso Venezia 32 | Masarè di Alleghe (BL)
The atelier in Feltre

The atelier in Feltre

Since a while, Laura has a new place where she can develop her creativity: Feltre historical centre is one of the most beautiful place on earth, and right here the artist has recently opened an atelier which overlooks Piazza Maggiore, a location where several medieval events take place and, moreover, it is the cradle of venetian culture. It is the ideal place as source of inspiration and cosy location in order to meet her many fans.

Piazza Maggiore 12 | Feltre (BL)


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Laura Ballis
CEL: +39 348 9343 402
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Atelier di Alleghe
Corso Venezia, 32
32022 Masarè di Alleghe (BL)
Atelier di Feltre
Piazza Maggiore, 12
32032 Feltre (BL)

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